MacBook logic board repair

If we can't fix it, you don't pay.

We offer component level logic board repair for the Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and Intel iMac. Most common issues are no power, battery not charging, no backlight & liquid damage. Cost is $325 per logic board. 

Issues with other parts will be an extra charge.

  • 6 Month Warranty 
  • We'll ship you a box
  • We can repair liquid damaged boards!
  • 7-10 Business Days Average Repair Time for Logic Board Only Repairs *
  • 7-10 Business Days Average Repair Time for Complete Unit Logic Board Repairs **
  • No repair cost if we can't fix your board

*By sending in your logic board, you agree that the board you are sending is defective and not some other component.

** Due to the complexity of the logic board repair service, our repair time window is not guaranteed. Logic boards repairs may require hard to find components and may require days of additional stress testing to be sure any issues are resolved. ANY ADDITIONAL COMPONENTS THAT NEED TO BE REPLACED WILL BE QUOTED AND PRICED IN ADDITION TO LOGIC BOARD REPAIR. I.E. KEYBOARD, TRACKPAD, LVDS CABLE, ETC.